about us

Our story

Our story begins with two women, mother and daughter and their vision. To contribute to the spread of handmade, authentic Greek clothes in the Greek market and in the markets globally as well.

Smaro and Athina, having confidence in the quality of domestic clothing production, decided to attempt to revive a forgotten industry, while also supporting the Greek economy.

Drawing inspiration from history and culture, they create their own designs, and the two of them embark on a journey into the world of fashion.

In the few years of operation of the business, the interest and enthusiasm from the buying public encourages them to continue what they are doing, setting higher goals for the future.

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Our philosophy

We appreciate true beauty, whether it’s intricate design details, classic Greek motif prints, fabrics or decorative elements. We design in-house, source globally and are dedicated to deliver premium quality.

We are a company that wants to enrich everyday life with natural beauty, positivity and endless discoveries. We are passionate about connecting Greek designs, creating unique collections that our customers love.

2MAS seeks to anticipate, understand and meet the needs of its customers, always offering them something new.


Our mission is simple. Direct and substantial impact on the development and improvement of fashion. Surprising and captivating each of our customers with unique collections, personal care and service, building strong relationships with them.


We believe in a world where the choices we make about what we wear, where it comes from and how it is produced, will have a direct and powerful impact on protecting the environment and improving the quality of life of people, all over the world.


  • Excellent product quality

  • Original clothes in unique designs

  • Personalized customer experience

Our product

Our products have their own story to tell.
Our collections, designed exclusively by us and produced by our network of Greek partners, have a distinctive style that represents the Greek summer.

It is our conscious decision to source our raw materials (cotton, wool, silk, linen) from Greek producers, and to outsource the production of our products to Greek companies. This is how we can guarantee that the products we offer to our buying public are 100% Greek and support 100% the Greek economy.

Many of our fabrics are woven exclusively on a loom. With this choice we want to honor traditional methods. To take advantage of the modern advanced technologies on which our partners innovate, as well as the production reliability they offer. Marrying like this, yesterday with today.

We are building the future

The aesthetics and talent of our designers were quickly appreciated by the buying public of Greece, visitors from other countries, as well as in major cities abroad.

Following a constantly upward trajectory, the diomas.gr company is constantly expanding inside and outside the Greek borders, expanding its network of partner stores throughout Greece and setting ever higher goals in the fields of fashion and lifestyle

Do you want to be a part of our history?

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